STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The LBS (Little Black Skirt)

I fell in love with this week’s Fashionista’s look the moment I saw her. There is a certain simplicity to her outfit given by the pairing of basic pieces that she pulls together. Yet, her ensemble is also attention grabbing from the smart fusing of the dark colors.

The black pleated A-line skirt that this Fashionista is wearing is my favorite part of the outfit. I say this because an item like this is often times overlooked, even though it is a wardrobe essential. A-line skirts are flattering on everyone, no matter your shape, size or height. Black is a great color to purchase in a skirt like this because it will go with practically anything; however, do not be afraid to experiment with material and patterns either.

Stripes, on any item, are one of my favorite looks. This pattern can be taken in so many different directions, whether you want to look nautical or edgy they can really go either way. In this Fashionista's case, her take on stripes is very classic. I know that I have written about stripes before, but there is a reason that they keep coming up! Everyone should own at least one or two tops in this pattern. I like that this Fashionista stuck to basic colors, black and blue, when it came to her striped top. This gives her look a fluidity and effortlessness that is incredibly chic.

Lastly are the accessories that this Fashionista chose to pair with her black and blue ensemble. I love the choice of black suede wedges instead of a black ballet flat. They dress up the outfit, yet are comfortable and practical. As the weather starts to get colder I suggest everyone consider investing in a pair of closed toe bootie wedges. Then, there are her finishing touches of chunky contrasting jewelry. Some people believe that you should either wear gold or silver but I do not necessarily think that this is true. This Fashionista is a great example of when it is okay to mix your gold with your silver. Try playing around with size and color and eventually you will nail it like this Fashionista has.

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