Fur coats have always been a staple in the modern Fashionista’s wardrobe. Whether your coat is made of real fur or faux fur, it still delivers the same style statement: classy and chic. This season leopard furs have become a must-have item for the brutal winter days approaching. The leopard print allows Fashionista’s to stay young and fun, yet deliver a composed and trendy look at the same time. Leopard furs are certainly a fashion statement and one that should not be excluded from your wardrobe.

Leopard fur coats can be adapted into anyone’s personal style. There are styles out there that would work for a Fashionista who has an interest in vintage inspired garments and then there are also styles for the more edgy, rocker Fashionista. It is what you pair your leopard layers with that creates an outfit that perfectly reflects your own unique personality. This Fashionista caught my eye as I saw her walking down campus, confident and composed with her eclectic chic style. It was her leopard fur coat that captured my attention today, however. The way the coat instantly established a trendiness and sophistication to this Fashionista's ensemble made me want to go out and get as many leopard fur coats I could find! A long style compliments dressier outfits but also looks great with a great pair of skinny jeans, while a cropped version looks great worn both indoors and outdoors with a cute skirt and a great pair of platforms. The leopard fur coat is an amazing item that everyone needs this season!

Luckily, leopard fur coats are available almost everywhere! Here is a great option found at Nasty Gal online. This coat would be great for those vintage-inspired Fashionistas with its wide shawl collar and boxy fit. It would look great with a pop of color on the legs and some fierce tortoise shell sunglasses. This cropped leopard fur coat by Michael Kors is another great option that could be worn indoors as well! The collarless neckline and cropped hem provide a simplistic chic-ness that would look great with a little black dress or plain black skinny jeans. One last look of this leopard trend can be found at This coat shows you that you don’t have to wear leopard fur from head to toe to portray this trend. The leopard fur trim on this coat is trendy enough and still creates a sophisticated vibe without being over the top in leopard fur. Whichever design you decide to model, be confident and own your personal style! You can’t go wrong with the leopard fur coat.

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