While the most obvious parts of our outfit are always so clearly on display from the moment we step out into public, it is truly the details in said outfits that really make an impact. The most extravagant top can be upstaged by the intricate print embedded within its threads, and this is apparent in the girl I recently encountered who hit the streets with a gorgeous peacoat that had been sewn with a more detailed button that the normal black plastic ones we are so used to seeing. Her skirt as well, featuring buttons down the center, paired with her patterned tights and her ankle boots with a buckle fasted on the sides.  Her outfit appeared simple, yet dressed up and formal with her scarf and detailed studs/buttons on her clothing. 

A great example of this trend happens to be military jackets, a jacket that features big buttons, commonly adorned more than any regular coat. Or another way to achieve this look would be to wear a plain round or V-necked shirt, accompanied with a dazzling brooch for that extra pop of color. Shoes like these flats appear as basic, but the back is unexpectedly adorned with studs, a little detail that can really add value to the entire shoe. If you want to get crafty, make your own studded detail with a hot glue gun, a few add-on rhinestones and studs from a local craft store. 

When it can easily be spiced up or made into a completely different possession of yours, nothing will ever be too plain again.

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