STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Men’s Shirt Revisited

For several seasons now the boyfriend look has taken over as a classic fashion tendency for the current and chic fashion crowd everywhere. Suddenly looking like you rolled out of bed, looking effortless yet innovative was the new way to dress to impress. Androgynous styles and menswear inspired looks continue to sweep the runway today as this trend has become a classic statement amongst style groups of all levels.

This Fashionista caught my eye dressed impeccably from head to toe. Each aspect of her outfit inspired me from every angle. By simply wrapping a string around a large men’s shirt and rolling up the sleeves, she created a dress! Black wedge booties with laces were the perfect way to keep the masculine vibe throughout her outfit without compromising her femininity. The pop of red was the perfect color to introduce and grab the attention of anyone she passed. A simple top hat finished her look and created an ensemble that is classic, innovative, fashion forward and overall flawless.

One of the best aspects of this trend is that it can be done without spending a penny! Raid your father's, brother’s and boyfriend’s closets in search of your own DIY men’s shirt revisited. If you don’t have this luxury, luckily this trend is selling just about everywhere. A denim button-down is a simple way to add a little man into your look. A highline collar dress with a lace yoke is a great way to incorporate more femininity into a classic man style. A hunter green western shirt is another hip way to emulate menswear. When it comes to fashion, there are no rules, so be creative and let your mind stray until your own fashion fantasy is formed!

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