When I saw this Fashionista walking down Wabash, I instantly wanted her jacket. I have been on the look out for a military jacket with a great fit. Army-inspired jackets are a must-have item in your closet. They give a masculine touch to a feminine outfit. The classic green also works great with most colored pieces, so it’s a versatile coat. On top of that, most military jackets are made with material that will keep you warm, so it’s a practical item to have during the winter.

What you should keep in mind while purchasing a military jacket is the fit. The way a military jacket fits you is very important because most are too bulky and look oversized. Although the military jacket is not intended to show off your curves, it should not make you feel as if you have none either. So, try a military jacket that is neither too long nor wide. For a Fashionisto, it may be easier to pull off this oversized look, but if you’re a Fashionista, you don’t want to be swimming in this already masculine coat. Look out for jackets that have drawstrings inside to make the garment more form fitting. You can even find a military jacket that is made out of lighter material so that it would be less bulky. This lightweight jacket would be more suitable for the springtime though. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try this fur collared military jacket.

What you wear with the military jacket is the next challenge. This Fashionista wore a pair of laced up boots (a popular trend seen around campus) over some tight fitting denim pants. Her printed scarf, turband, and crossbody bag added some color and originality to her look. Her crossbody bag was an excellent choice because it made her military jacket seem less big. What a Fashionista!

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