STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Mullet Skirt Trend

What I love most about the mullet skirt trend is that it is an appropriate item to wear to almost any place. Maybe that is why I have been seeing mullet skirts on Fashionistas all around downtown Chicago lately. The great thing about mullet skirts is that you can dress them up or down; they create a perfect day-to-night look. The long length in the back of the skirt makes it appropriate for more modest places like class and work. But, can easily be transitioned to settings like a party or a date.

This Fashionista is wearing her red mullet skirt belted with a tied up graphic tee, black blazer, and a pair of combat boots. If you are aiming for more of a casual look like her, wear this type of skirt with a crop top or tee. I love the idea of tying the tee to make it shorter, almost like a crop top. It allows the skirt to be fully shown and accentuates your waist. Then, wear some gladiator sandals or flats to make the outfit more casual. To dress up the mullet skirt, wear some pumps or wedges with the same exact ensemble and top it off with some bold accessories.

When shopping for a mullet skirt, be sure that the long end of the skirt is not reaching the ground. Pay attention to the fabric when purchasing one as well. I tend to favor mullet skirts that are flowier because the mullet skirt looks better if there is a lot of movement as you walk. I suggest buying a mullet skirt made out of chiffon or rayon because it is a lightweight fabric that you can wear in the spring or summer.

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