As the summer rolls along and temperatures continue to rise, denim cut-off shorts will be seen on just about ninety percent of the population. Don’t get me wrong. I love a great pair of jean shorts just as much as the next girl (I own at least six pairs). However, it’s easy to get tired of the same look.

It’s a fun DIY project to take a pair of scissors to your old jeans and turn them into your new summer staple. Let this Fashionista be your inspiration for another kind of denim cut-off. Have an old denim shirt lying around that is too small? Find a really cheap one at your local thrift store? Take your trusty pair of scissors and chop off the sleeves for an updated look that will keep you cool in the summer.

This Fashionista keeps her look simple but still interesting. She pairs her “cut-off” with a pair of slim black leggings on the bottom to keep the proportions balanced. Her cool huarache flats add a hint of color and a contrasting texture. On top, she pairs the denim with a netural shirt, a pendant necklace, and a classic canvas bag to compliment her denim cut-off. I love the way she ties the denim shirt up at the bottom for a hint of skin while still being tasteful.

For a different spin on a similar style, try buttoning your denim cut-off to the very last button. To take your DIY project to the next level, add a few studs, like this ASOS version, with your handy BeDazzler and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

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