No, I’m not referencing hide and seek when I say peek-a-boo, I’m talking about the subtle pops of color in any Fashionistas/os' outfit. It is what makes an outfit stand out, and adds some life to an ensemble. With today’s drab weather, everyone needs a little spring in their step. With finals around the corner, one may want to retire to their casual sweatpants and Uggs, but fear not — color can help boost your morale when it comes to winter weather.

This week’s Fashionisto utilizes color in a few simple ways. First, his bright blue Vans pop against his black Levi's skinny jeans. Then, he incorporates a pop of yellow underneath his winter appropriate flannel, and, he easily completes his outfit with a simple cream hooded sweatshirt. Though not over the top, this week’s Fashionisto truly understands the meaning of the peek-a-boo color effect. 

Looking for some color in your life? Try incorporating a colorful longsleeve top under your winter layers. If you’re really feeling daring, try a pair of colored denim. Colored denim have really made a statement the past few months and they can easily become the statement piece to any outfit. Not only are they fun and different, but they are great for colder weather. Mixing and matching colors with colored denim leave endless possibilities to the creative Fashionista/o. For those Fashionistos that like the idea of vivid shoes, similar to this week’s Fashionisto, simple Vans lace-up shoes are an easy way to brighten up any ensemble.

So whether it is with one’s pants, shoes or tops, color is essential to a cheerful outfit. Color is the easiest way to spruce up a wardrobe. Though it may be the winter season and black seems like the likely resort, stray away. Color is here to help you through this dark time, do not hesitate to experiment with a little vivid color!

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