STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Perfect Blend of Casual and Formal

You have the ultimate advantage in summer when you have to go formal, but yet want to be comfortable and casual. You can choose a pair of khaki or white dress shorts in order to dress up an attire. Button up shirts are a popular trend on guys and they are casual while still looking kind of formal.

This Fashionisto picked out a black button up shirt to go with a white pair of shorts, making a perfect match. It would look a little less dressed up with jean shorts, but the white shorts make a great color coordination. There are various amounts of colors you can choose to color coordinate your outfit in order to make it look a little more formal. Banana Republic is a great place that has a wide guys selection to choose from while providing a sleek look for you.

There are numerous events and activities that go on in the summer that may require you to show your more fashionable side. For example, how about a summer wedding that takes place outside? This Fashionisto's attire would work perfectly, shorts that don't make him too hot but yet a long sleeved shirt that is more formal then a T-shirt. So loose that tie and those uncomfortable, hot dress pants! Dressing yourself up while still being able to be casual is the best attire to afford in summer.

Hint: Looking for some button up shirts to dress your style up with? Check out Rue 21, a very affordable store that has a wide variety of selections.

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