STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Perfect Combination

When you think of a chunky oversized sweater, do you think of combat boots? If you put these two together, you will have the perfect combination. An oversized sweater is a versatile piece that can be styled in so many different ways. It is easy to say that this combination can be every Fashionista's uniform.

Today, this Fashionista made her outfit pop by wearing this detailed, chunky cardigan. While the intricate design on this cardigan is the star of the outfit, the story behind it is a great conversation starter. I learned that this Fashionista got her cardigan during the Occupy Wall Street movement. How could you not want to know more about that? If the cardigan isn't oversized enough for your taste, try going one size up to get that loose, fitted look. For those of you that are more feminine, put on some simple tights and switch out your shorts for a skirt instead. Or for a more laidback look, go for a boyfriend fitted short and basic tee.

To top it off, complete your outfit with combat boots — the perfect shoe to complement any outfit. Combat boots work for all styles. When I know I have to walk around a lot throughout the day, I go for my combat boots. I don't have to worry about getting blisters or worry about whether they match or not. Steve Madden's Troopa boots are comfortable and stylish. With such a minimal outfit, it's almost necessary to pile on the accessories. The gold chains around her neck and wrists gives her an edge, along with the various rings that adorn her fingers. It used to be you either wear just gold or just silver, but fashion is a way to express who you are — don't be afraid to be different from others and wear what you like.

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