While Hurricane Sandy makes her way to the northeast coast, this Fashionisto doesn't let the hurricane stop him from enjoying his weekend activities or his attire. No matter the weather, Fashionistas and Fashionistos at Marist College don't let it effect their style. Marist College students are always dressing for whatever occasion Mother Nature brings. As the temperature begins to drop, this Fashionisto brings out his preppy winter attire to combat the elements and stay true to his style.

One might say that the students here at Marist College tend to dress with a rather preppy style, and this Fashionisto is the perfect example. He's sporting a Ralph Lauren rugby polo, chinos from J.Crew and finishes off the outfit with Sperry Top-Spiders. Many other Fashionistos here are picking up the rugby polo trend. Found in a wide variety of colors and designs, rugby polos are the perfect touch for fall days.

The great thing about rugby polos is that they match with pretty much any kind of pant. Rugby shirts are commonly seen worn with khakis, corduroys and even jeans. At times shorts are more than acceptable to be matched with this classy shirt. When it comes to my personal style favorite, there's no better combination than a freshly ironed polo with a pair of fitted navy corduroys.

When it comes to finishing off an outfit, shoes are the most important accessory. Every outfit must have a pair of shoes that match perfectly or the attire doens't look complete. This Fashionisto does a great job at finishing off his preppy look with a pair of oxfords by Sperry Top-Sider. When one thinks of the brand Sperry they automatically imagine the brand’s famous boat shoe. However, Sperry also has a wide variety of fashionable dress shoes to match other styles. Their oxford is a textbook example of a new style that could be matched with both casual and classy styles.

When thinking about your next outfit, be open to other choices. See if some of your favorite brands have new and different options that you could try. Find that rugby polo you love so much and pair it with a pair of fitted oxfords, or something you wouldn’t normally put together. There are endless opportunities for all of the preppy Fashionistos out there to bring it on the Marist runway.

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