Is it just me, or has Atlanta weather been extraordinarily strange this fall? In my four years at Emory, I don't think I've encountered such an inconsistent fall season. Just when I think it's going to be cold for good (I'm wearing shorts for the last time today!), the weather always does the opposite– like it's intentionally mocking me. 

However, the one item of clothing that is good for all this unpredictable weather is a nice scarf. The scarf always adds a touch of class, not to mention warmth to any outfit. Also, with the various textures and material of scarves, you can employ different ones for different temperatures. With prints and mixed prints being huge this fall and winter, the perfect way to add interest to any outfit is to pull out the printed scarf. 

Today's Fashionista works the printed scarf perfectly. She makes it the centerpiece of her outfit, drawing everyone's attention to it. The mixed colors also compliment the various neutral tones in the rest of her outfit. 

Lucky for Fashionistas across the country, colored scarves are in abundance in stores right now. You can go for the more preppy, collegiate look with a striped or plaid scarf, or you can go more classic with a black and white simple-patterned scarf. You can also create a boho look with a scarf with more earthy tones, or a more feminine look with floral patterns. 

Also, the possibilities for how the wear the scarf are limitless. This is a great chart that shows you different ways to pull it off a scarf in order to precisely create the look you're going for. 

There are so many patterns to choose from and so many looks to create that shopping for and wearing these scarves should be a blast for any CollegeFashionista. 

So when is doubt about the the strange weather forecasts happening in the ATL, just pull out the printed scarf, fashion it to your liking, walk out the door and be prepared to have a look of confusion. (We hear scarves look great with that too!)


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