Let's weigh our accessorizing options, shall we?


-wear one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be replicated
-make cheap jewelry look expensive
-reminisce on family relics
-remind yourself, and others, who/what means the most to you
-play with bold colors
-add shine
-compliment your eye color
-bring out the hues in your outfit


-let people in, become vulnerable by allowing others to see your true personality

My thoughts: the above con isn't so bad. I’d say the odds are pretty good; it’s hard to strike out when you accessorize like a champ. This Fashionista hits the nail right on the head. The strength of the outfit lies in the accessories. Her cameo brooch-like pendant necklace compliments her top well—the gold detail around the oval center plays off of the flowery pattern of her cotton camisole. Her bright green ring adds a fantastic pop of color to this neutral-toned outfit.

Moral of this story: don’t let your clothes alone do all of the talking. It’s a common misconception that jewelry or accessories take away from certain pieces in an outfit. Let your accessories work for you and allow them to add character to an already awesome ensemble, not take away from one.

Hint: Make it personal: hunt down your nearest vintage boutique for something that no one else will be wearing. If you don’t have local luck, try Etsy, a great online emporium. Not satisfied? Make it even more personal by wearing a gift from a loved one. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your finger/neck/wrist, etc.

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