When a typical day includes shuffling from class to class, attending various meetings and fitting in time for friends, it is definitely tempting to trade in style for comfort when it comes to clothing. There is nothing worse than feeling new blisters form as you break in those new boots on your longest walk to class or dealing with that itchy sequin shirt just uncomfortable enough to bother you while copying down Calculus questions.

Today's Fashionista, however, proves that you don't have to sacrifice style to get a class-comfortable look. The key here is the shirtdress. Button-down front, relaxed cuffed sleeves, front square pocket and a trim collar, the shirtdress is feminine, androgynous, and completely flattering. Cut to be form flattering, the shirtdress accentuates one's waist, especially when worn with a belt as seen here. Skinny belts typically work best with the shirtdress since wider belts can add unnecessary bulk to such a slimming, simple look. She wears dark-hued leggings underneath the shirtdress to add another layer while not distracting. During the day time, few accessories are needed with the shirtdress–the subtle bows on this Fashionista's flat's are enough to keep the look fresh.

Hint: The best part about the shirtdress is its versatility and transition to nighttime. Trade in the leggings for a pair of dark skinny jeans, layer on a couple long necklaces and throw on some heels and you are good to go!

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