STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Short on Summer Shorts

Whether you’re on vacation and taking a stroll along the beach, barbecuing on a holiday weekend or rushing to and from summer classes, a trend I’ve seen more often than not this summer is white shorts. From white denim  to white linen-blend, they have become one of the must-have items for summer ensembles. Fashionista’s alike are combining various items in their wardrobe with white shorts to create outfits that are both chic and casual for the summer season.

Take this week’s Fashionista, for example. While it can be somewhat difficult when deciding what to pair with white shorts, this Fashionista was able to successfully create a casual summer look by pairing white cotton twill shorts with a colorful blue and white V-neck, canary yellow cardigan and multi-colored beaded sandals. Because the color choices and patterns of her outfit are simple, she avoids going overboard by clashing various colors and patterns.

For a similar look, try a pair of white denim shorts like these om Forever 21 or a pair of white cotton twill shorts like these from J.Crew. Pair them with a brightly colored T-shirt, cardigan and beaded sandals as this Fashionista did. For a more nautical-inspired look, try a pair of woven shorts like these, also from Forever 21, with a striped T-shirt and a pair of nautical style wedges.

Also, if you’re into accessorizing as much as I am, pair white shorts with a solid T-shirt, colorful scarf and bangles. Wear with sandals or dress it up with a pair of wedges.

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