It’s no secret that the students at The George Washington University love to look their best whether they’re attending class or spending the afternoon relaxing in Kogan Plaza. I caught this adorable Fashionista en route to her internship sporting a trendy version of the short suit.

The short suit first made headlines in 2011, in The Wall Street Journal, as the newest staple for women taking office wear from bland to bold. Not only does the short suit allow for experimentation with textures and colors, but the different lengths and the ability of the ensemble to go from day to night increased its popularity.

The focus of this Fashionista’s outfit is all in her blazer — the muted metallic tweed is simple, yet fashion forward, and the zipper detailing on the pockets keeps the jacket contemporary. When wearing metallics during the day, it is important to pick the correct colors for the rest of the outfit in order to avoid looking too clashy. This Fashionista paired her white tank with black high-waisted shorts and black sandals. Foley + Corinna’s Mid City Tote, in a crimson red, was the perfect finishing touch to this Fashionista’s outfit.

The beauty of the short suit is that it doesn’t have to fully match, and it provides the perfect opportunity to try out spring’s newest trend, printed silk bottoms. Try pairing a lace blazer with colorful aztec shorts from Ella Moss or sass & bide — either of these combinations is light and fun for spring, but dressy enough to go straight from class to dinner with your girlfriends. If you are a little more conservative, or printed shorts just really aren’t your thing, opt for color-blocking. The Slouch Shorts, by Robert Rodriguez, are a great option because the belt accentuates the waist and it allows for you to pair it with a whimsical Draped Jacket.

The short suit can be styled in so many different ways and can be easily adapted to your personal taste. If you are daring enough, try mixing a structured flowered blazer with bright silk shorts and chunky heels. For a more reserved look appropriate for internships, try a monochromatic suit or pairing two basic colors and then feel free to accessorize with lots of statement jewelry.

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