From Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to Rihanna and Katie Holmes, the style savvy of these icons who love scarves is what links them together. They may have distinct and such different senses of style, but it’s clear that a true style icon does not underestimate the impact a simple scarf can give. Take it from them because the scarf has crossed over to being a decorative accessory rather than simply a utilitarian one.

One toss, one knot, one fold could make all the difference. That’s why this one small accessory is all about making a huge impact. Also, wearing a scarf is the perfect way to embrace seasonal changes without making major changes in your wardrobe.

When considering throwing a scarf on, remember to coordinate it well with your clothes and makeup. If the scarf is loud, heavily embellished therefore meant to be the focal point of your outfit, keep everything else simple. The Fashionista this week has done just that with her ensemble. Our eyes immediately go to the shredded scarves she has on, as her white tank top from MANGO, skinny jeans from Levi's and black Dr. Martens boots are basics that do not take away from the scarf. Now ticking off "impeccable styling" on our list, an added bonus would be that this Fashionista's scarf here is a D.I.Y. Instead of tossing out her basic T-shirts she has outgrown, she reworked the garment with shears and the slashing technique to create a unique accessory.

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