Final exams – it’s the last hurdle before winter break. As students here at Arizona State University start to pile into the libraries to prepare for these daunting tests of skill, we generally default into wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants; as they are naturally the most comfortable and warm items of clothing to throw on amidst the chaos of the last few weeks of class. However not all students fall victim to fleece zip-ups, some look to professional-dress for inspiration.

Take this Fashionisto for example. This psychology major surfs his laptop in effortless style in a white-collared dress shirt, pin-striped sweater vest and slimming black jeans. His look embodies the mantra: “If you look good, you feel good.” In this outfit, he’s certainly feeling ready to tackle that thirty page essay, read those last few textbook chapters, meet up with a professor or give that last presentation of the semester. I particularly love the sweater vest on this Fashionisto – it’s the most fitting item to add some character to this look. The pin-stripes make it especially great.

Menswear for women has certainly been a huge trend all this year and will continue to be for this winter. In getting ready for presentations, we ladies can look to menswear-styled items to look sleek and professional in these last couple weeks of school. To re-create a look that is similar to this week’s featured Fashionisto try the Pins and Needles Sleeveless Tunic from Urban Outfitters in white. Match with these trousers from Forever 21. They are loose at the hip which makes them perfect for long hours in the library preparing for exams and whatnot. The zipper at the ankle adds a fresh and modern twist to the pant. Lastly, I suggest adding this cropped vest from American Apparel over top for some added shape to the look.

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