Finally, Los Angeles is beginning to feel the arrival of fall. With September 24th marking the first day of fall, fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike are allowing their fall wardrobe to surface for everyone to see.  Whether it is more layering, warm booties or new jackets, fall apparel is apparent around campus. The transition between summer and fall can sometimes be difficult, letting go of our summer dresses and flimsy shirts is hard to do. However, fall is trending for some amazing items to add to your wardrobe: faux fur, colored denim, leather jackets and deep colored hues.

This week’s Fashionista is sporting the ever-so-popular fall item: a trench coat.  This particular jacket is a military inspired trench; its material is light and airy, making it perfect for essential fall layering.  It is perfect for any type of outfit; a pair of jeans and flats, or even over a great fall dress.  The trench is flattering, and when tied, it easily brings together any ensemble. This Fashionista pairs it with a basic pair of leggings, Kate Spade sunglasses and an original pair of booties from Korea.  This look is the perfect fall outfit, particularly for the on-the-go Fashionista, who is looking for a simple, yet chic jacket to throw on.

Looking for some trench loving in your life?  Try this particular trench. The color is great for fall and can be easily incorporated into any outfit. Add a pair of bright bold denim to add variety to your fall ensemble. Then, to finish it off, pair it with a basic pair of pumps to add some height. Overall, it will create a fantastic fall ensemble that can be worn to school or even to simply run errands.

Never be afraid to try something different. Pick a trench in a different color for a surprising element; it will add variety to your wardrobe and help differentiate from the rest. Trench coats are a great staple item for the upcoming colder weather, plus, they’re chic and practical.

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