STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Velvet Underground

As terror sweeps the nation –– fine, campus –– and students unleash their fury over the frustration of finals. Some, do so more gracefully than others. The impending holiday season, though marred with the nightmare of tests upon papers upon quizzes, has spread cheerful warmth into the sartorial choices of some. I have consoled myself many, many (too many) times with leggings: they are simply the best solution any blues. Buttons got you down? Leggings it is. Itchy, stretchy, hard fabric not your speed? That zipper too daunting for your early morning ambitions? Look no further.

Many see leggings as a cop-out, an easy answer to the discomfort conundrum. Some go so far as to allege that leggings are not and never will be pants. I agree that if worn the wrong way, leggings can be a Fashionista's worst enemy. Yet, when paired with longer, tunic-like tees, these stretchy miracle workers will have you torching your denim and saying adieu to blue.

This Fashionista's Forever21 red velvet leggings, although less sweet than their cupcake counterpart, take some edge off of her otherwise dark ensemble. Paired with thick knit socks and black Doc Marten boots, they lend a soft touch to a rugged pair of boots.

My peer's outfit is adventuresome, and unsuprisingly so is she! The subway station, which is luckily literally at Barnard's doorstep, is an underground passageway into fashion finds. Within the many boroughs of this metropolis are treasures, available to those brave enough to explore. This sartorial student purchased her graphically printed sweater jacket from a Queen's thrift store, and her Dooney & Bourke purse from a Goodwill. Her shirt, embossed with a wolf graphic, is from a thrift store in Oregon.

So, in these crippling final weeks of the semester, I dare you to stay sane. Get a whiff of holiday cheer that flourishes in the city; gift yourself, or find gifts for family and friends, at thrift stores. Go off campus, and into the velvet underground.

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