STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Velveteen Rabbit

As the weather gets cooler and the air is crisp you are now allowed to bundle up with your dressing up. November has finally arrived which commences the beginning of the holiday season. Don’t underestimate Thanksgiving like the rest…it’s the prime stage to wow with a get up that is chic but still effortless. Whether it is a parade of family dinners, meeting the boyfriend’s folks, or having a rooftop feast with friends I think the best way to go is with a fantastic dress.

You look refined and keep a bit of fashion sense because it shows a bit of effort even though you’ll be politely gorging on stuffing and pie. To take it to next level and amp it up try and piece made of velvet. It’s a lux fabric that is full of texture, embraces color, and comes in many variations for all kinds of sizes. Don’t miss out because you think it may too much. It’s all about balancing out accessories and finding the perfect fit.

This Fashionista looks stunning in her long sleeved raspberry velvet dress paired with worn boots and a go to black bag. In an instant her garment is a statement piece that is totally modern. She looks refreshing, simply cool, and creates an outfit that is doable for months to come. The edge appeal of long sleeve mini is heightened when paired with a palette that pops! If you want something more elegant with that feminine charm try the little black dress remixed in velvet.

You can even pair it with sweet brooches or darling drop earrings. For extra room and something more free flowing go for a tunic that can translate from day to night with either boots and a scarf to strappy sandals and a bib necklace. If the turkey isn’t going to do it for you and the weekend scene is still on the agenda grab a clutch and go for a drop waist dress that pairs perfectly with tights and your favorite platforms.

In the end remember it’s something to invest in because after doing the mashed potato, there will be mistletoe and countdowns. In a crowded room there are belles of the balls, the elephant in the room, but you may as well be the chic velveteen rabbit.

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