STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: These Boots Were Made for Riding

This week I’m happy to bring you a look that’s full of class. We’ve got poodle pins, buttons, tweed and riding boots all coming together to create a look that reminds me of an English boarding school student.
Monday’s Fashionista is ready for an equestrian adventure with her vintage-riding boots. Instead of the stereotypical leggings and riding boots, she takes the trend and amps it up with a navy blue blazer. She added a little twist from the past with a poodle pin she picked up from her grandmother. Underneath her blazer she tucked in a ruffle embellished t-shirt into a pair of glittery tweed shorts for a more modern feel.
As one of the most complicated ideas I have blogged about, you may be wondering how to reconstruct such a timeless look. You’ve already been in your grandfather’s closet now try rummaging through your grandmother’s. If you are as lucky as today’s Fashionista you may stumble upon a pair of stylish boots. But if your not having any luck in grandma’s closet a consignment store will suffice.
Throwing in a theme to make a popular trend more interesting is often a great way to revamp your outfits. Play around with old fashion trends and your final outfit could be just as exciting.

Hint: If you’re looking for some snazzy pins check out this website!

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