The concept of wearing heels to class has always created quite a conundrum for me. I absolutely love shoes, especially my ever-growing collection of heels. But like most college towns, Iowa City has some unspoken fashion rules that I have yet to be brave enough to defy.

Footwear norms on campus vary from season to season, but the most common choices are UGGs when it’s cold and flip flops when it’s warm. Even those that opt for alternative shoe styles would probably never wear heels to class. The rule of thumb seems to be that heel heights taller than your average flat are socially unacceptable before 7 p.m. (i.e. bar time).

Fashion rules vary with time, and like any norm, they should be challenged and assessed often. I admire this Fashionista for her practical, stylish and seemingly rebellious choice to wear wedges on the Pentacrest before lunchtime. Her brown sandals are great for summer and they polish off her earth-tone ensemble perfectly. If she were in platform heels or five-inch stilettos I might be concerned, but wedges offer more comfort and support than ballet flats while providing the height that some Fashionistas want or need.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to push your fashion limits, sport some comfy wedges to your next class. This Fashionista complemented her neutral additions with a summer dress, a light jacket and an adorably dainty necklace. Subtle and delicate jewelry pieces are extremely popular this season, so balance out your chunky footwear with a simple chain bracelet or stacked rings.

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