I know what you’re thinking. How could less be more on runways in the fashion capitals of the world or when admiring the work of talented designers? I think the answer to that is that it is specific to each person and varies depending on how you view fashion or how you feel that day.

Today’s Fashionista’s style icon is Carrie Bradshaw. Ironic? Not at all. She says that some days she will wear the wildest pieces and says that her friends often tell her that only she could pull off wearing something like that. That’s probably what I love most about fashion; how you can be a chameleon through appreciating different styles, trends and looks.

This Fashionista opted for a more understated look today, however. Her outfit is composed of two classic pieces — a trendy leather jacket and fitted jeans. These are two essential items in anyone’s wardrobe and by pairing her teal blue jacket with dark blue jeans, this Fashionista created a sense of unity by not choosing colors that clashed. To further demonstrate her key sense of style, she chose a blue see through top with purple detailing, making her look simple yet trendy. And let’s not forget her cute vintage sunglasses that made her look like she was hiding from the paparazzi!

Shoes can take an outfit from day to night or from casual to dressy. Since I spotted this Fashionista strolling Montreal’s streets and enjoying some afternoon shopping, a cute pair of Keds seemed like the logical choice. By opting for a pair of heels and a clutch, today’s Fashionista could have easily stepped into a club and fit right in! Today’s look proves that sometimes simplicity wins. Who said simple meant boring? 

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