STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: This Is Florida, After All

It’s not that I think I’ve gone overboard with all of the winter clothing. As students in Florida, many of us want to use every excuse to wrap ourselves up in the cozy clothes that magazines and mannequins are displaying this time of the year, and it genuinely does get cold sometimes. However, I’d be kidding myself if I said we didn’t get some summer weather here and there. And as fun as it is to keep up with trends, I don’t think we should be restricted to wearing what’s in season right now even if it sets you apart– in fact, wearing your favorite clothes will probably make you look happier and more beautiful than ever.

Today’s Fashionista looks stunning and ethereal with her rosy lips and cheeks matching the deep coral and cream colors of her outfit. You can visit Target or Urban Outfitters online for camis and Asos for your choice of mesh or chiffon midi skirts. If you’d like to add some coral jewelry to match, offers a lovely coral-and-gold canary necklace. This similarly beautiful bracelet may be classified as “sold out,” but since Spool No. 72 still lists it online, I’m holding out hope that it will be available again soon.

The one big winter trend that this Fashionista incorporates is lace, and with holiday shindigs coming up, it’s time to keep an eye out for party dresses. ASOS offers two lacy choices, one available in cream and the other in cream, black and berry red. Make your outfit really party-ready with a pair of Madden Girl pumps from DSW.

Don’t let moment-by-moment trends dictate all of your outfit choices. Style is far more important, and the glow you get from looking and feeling your best will outshine your other options every time.



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