As school and exams dwindle down and everyone around campus packs up to head home don’t lose hope if you’re still sitting in the library (like I am…). While it’s bitter cold out many students have still found ways to show off their style. This Fashionista kept warm in a cosy and beautifully patterned scarf that she bought in Pakistan and a pair of roughed up ankle-high combat boots. I have mentioned both types of pieces in previous posts (i.e. The Native (X) Scarf and gray boots). The best feature of this scarf are the colors that go well with wintery tones like gray, brown, and white, but still gives a pop of pink and yellow to brighten up any outfit. If you’re looking for a non-knitted scarf but one that will still cover you from the cold try this tapestry floral snood from Topshop or this animal print one from H&M.

Scarves are a great accessory to wear especially when you're traveling or flying. It's the perfect layering accessory and the best way to block out light (and people) when you're trying to sleep on the plane!

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