This Fashionista is tiny. You can obviously see it in this shot of her on the city streets of The Big Apple. With her little arms and little legs, her tiny, subtle sense of Teen Vogue fashion is quite apparent.

While in New York City for Teen Vogue Fashion University, the trends that surrounded the young adults in the city were overwhelming. Everyone’s personality shone through in looks composed of pink sparkles, grunge glamour and outfits mirroring ensembles one sees in the most popular magazines. Stepping off the planes of La Guardia Airport and JFK, the style took over Times Square in a frenzy of fashion.

One thing that made this Fashionista stand out to other students attending the event was her coupling of boho style with a preppy winter coat. If you peak underneath her large jacket, you can see the mixing and matching of sea blues with stripes and intricate floral print. This haphazard haute look is ideal for fall weather and autumn leaves. Wearing darker hued jackets over feminine dresses is a simplistic way to transform your wardrobe from fall to winter. Don’t just stick to hippie flair or prepster poise; combine the two fads for a juxtaposing façade. Who doesn’t love a little awkward fashion? That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means you’re comfortable enough to embrace your own personality. Winter coats, stocked in stores such as Madewell, Zara and Topshop, are warm, cozy and extremely versatile when planning any ensemble.

Another aspect that I adore about this Fashionistas look is the over the knee socks. This accessory shows a little skin while still keeping you bundled up for the busy city streets. Wear thigh high socks with shorts and booties or underneath a high-waist skirt and grandpa cardigan. This outlook may seem foreign to some, but when executed in the correct manner it can be out of this world.

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