What’s old is new again; it is as simple as that. Tie-dye, known for being a popular trend in the '70s and associated with hippie culture, is making a comeback. This vibrant and colorful tie-dye pattern comes across as a very urban look that allows this Fashionista to standout, yet sink back into time. Originating in China, the pattern of tie-dye became all the rage in the United States during the Vietnam War when people all over the country were promoting peace and freedom. The pattern simply just made people happy and continues to do so today.

It is inevitable that tie-dye, whether on a bottom, top, dress or shoe can make a statement. This Cornell University Fashionista pulls off the hectic pattern very well by rocking a tie-dye dress of three different colors. With a pattern such as tie-dye you never want to get to crazy with other pieces of your outfits and this Fashionista follows that rule with simple brown leather sandals and satchel along with some gold hoops and classic aviators.

Creating this look is tricky because you should be cautious with what you choose to match with the pattern so that you do not overdo it. Start off by testing out the waters and taking the tie die to a minimum. Once you feel confident enough with matching items of clothing with tie-dye, set out to work the crazy pattern just as this Fashionista does. The Sam Edelman sandals she wears, along with her Miu Miu satchel, keep the outfit clean yet edgy, which proves to be a perfect combination to support tie-dye. 

And while summer is coming to an end, it is never to lat to get a little tie-dye in your life. Brands such as Calypso St. Barth and Splendid have great tie-dye pieces that range from dresses to scarves. Never be shy to stand out and come to peace with your own style.


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