STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: To Wear White or Not to Wear White?

The rule of thumb is no white after Labor Day weekend. Some people will strictly stay away from anything white, while others disregard the rule and wear white well into winter. I tend to fall somewhere in-between. I have found lovely white dresses in the winter that fall under the category of “winter white” and see no reason in waiting until Memorial Day to wear them. However, I have followed the rule when it comes to shoes. No white shoes after Labor Day for me. But it doesn’t matter what your opinion is on the great debate of whites AFTER Labor Day because this is the perfect weekend to break out your favorite white piece.

This Fashionista chose to wear white pants and pair it with a loose silk coral top. The coral color really popped out against the clean white, and both colors brought out her sun kissed tan. I also liked the contrast of the tight pants and the loose shirt, it’s flattering and practical for day and night. This look was made even better by her daring shoes. This Fashionista was rocking platform pumps that gave her some height. I love the chunky platform on the toe, and have seen many designers include this trend into their fall shoe collection. It adds instant sass to any outfit!

Although they say no white after Labor Day I think as long as the weather is still warm you could wear white pants like these into September. As for her coral shirt, even though coral is thought of as a summer color this could be worn into the fall. Just add a darker brown cardigan and not only will it be fashionable it will keep you warm when those cooler temperatures arrive!

Hint: For shoes with a platform try Dolce Vita. For white pants (which will probably be going on sale soon!) try

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