STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Celebrate School Spirt in Style

This week I found this Fashionisto hanging out before class in a retro classic prep school outfit. From head to toe, his outfit is almost picturesque! His blue suede shoes and pastel blue shorts are colorfully coordinated. His crisp white shirt with a collegiate emblem gives the outfit a nice contrast. Today's Fashionisto also accessorized very well with his blue ray bans, bold watch and messenger bag. All three work together very well and avoids an excessively preppy look. This Fashionisto has perfectly combined an relaxed prep school look. In fact, this Fashionisto almost looks too cool for prep school! Use this Fashionisto as inspiration for this homecoming season and celebtrate school spirit in style! If school sweatshirts are not your personal favorite, try an outfit similar to this fashionisto. Or to boost school spirt mix your GWU attire with dark navy, gold and white hues! Utilize the clothes your probably already have in your closet! This way Fashionistas and Fashionistos can express their senese of stlye while still supporting our GWU hippo mascot. 

Fashionistas: try wearing a pair of beige khakis with a skinny belt, gold sparkly sweater and oxford flats. Also, keep hair and makeup to a minimal look for the coolest looks.

Fashionistos: any pattern-less shirt will suffice. I highly recommend trying J.Crew shirts because they not only last long but they come in a wide array of colors.

Hint: To go for a more relaxed collegiate look, leave your shirt un-tucked and use a messenger bag. This way you can experiment with more formal clothing pieces with out seeming too uptight and ready for any game on campus! 

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