STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Top it Off with a Hat

There are very few people who are brave enough to wear a '70s inspired floppy hat, yet this week’s Fashionista had enough courage to show off her impeccable style by doing just that.

Floppy hats, depending on their material, are great for every season. Suede or felt is an amazing option for the fall and winter seasons because while it is stylish, it is also a  warmer option. Whereas straw is the material of choice for those hot summer days by the pool or beach. Straw works well because it is light and can let air seep through the gaps so that your head is not too hot. If floppy hats are not the style for you though there are so many different types that you can experiment with. One of the most popular styles is probably the beanie hat. For both fall and winter the beanie is a practical choice, though I have seen people sport this type of hat in the summer months. It keeps your head warm and can complete a winter look (not to mention how well a beanie can hide a bad hair day). Next there is the ‘newsboy' cap look. This style consists of a soft hat with a stiff brim (think baseball hat brim). A third, very popular, style is the fedora; however this is more appropriate for spring and summer than for fall and winter. Still not satisfied? The last type I want to mention is structured hats, which have been making their way back into fashion lately. Like the floppy hat, this is a style of hat takes a little bit of courage to pull off. With that said, do not be afraid to try this trend because when it is done right a structure hat looks incredible.

While this Fashionista’s hat is clearly the main focus of her look I also wanted to point out her fabulous high-waisted trousers and pointed, patent flats. I think that these two items, in particular, complete her ensemble. Her pants update her floppy hat while keeping the '70s vibe alive. The shoes act in a similar way by adding a modern twist to her look and take it to a more serious place. High-waisted pants and pointed toe shoes, both flats and pumps, are all items I suggest every Fashionista invest in.

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