I’m proud to wear black and gold, and support my amazing school. Fortunately, I’m not the only one. It’s common to see people walking around campus wearing black and gold Hawkeye apperal. Although wearing Hawkeye gear is the norm, on a football game day it’s insane! Whether it’s a black out or gold rush everyone is head to toe representing the fabulous University of Iowa. What I love most is how creative people get with their outfits.

I spotted this Fashionista ready to tailgate in her fashionable Iowa outfit. She got crafty with her ensemble by taking an extra large men’s t-shirt and turning it into a dress. I absolutely loved this, and the best part about it is it’s so easy to make! All you have to do is cut the neckline; tie the sleeves around to the back, and TADA! You’ve got yourself a Hawkeye dress. I also thought her braided headband was a nice touch. It added some style to the outfit, and also was simple to make. She took leftover scraps of T-shirt that she had accumulated and braided them together. Her converse were also amazing because they said IOWA on the back!

If you’re not feeling as creative as this Fashionista, no problem! There is no reason why you still can’t look stylish for football games, or strolling around downtown Iowa City. Victoria’s Secret Pink came out with the Pink Collegiate Collection, and have so many glamorous options for the Iowa Fashionista. From preppy cardigans, to glitzed out jerseys and baseball hats, there is no shortage of school spirited clothing.
No matter how you decide to represent your school make sure you look fabulous doing it!

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