STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Totally Tempestuous

Up in Morningside Heights, the winds whip with particular voracity. When I spotted this Barnard student striding through the quad, every fiber of her long charcoal blue Urban Outfitters skirt billowing behind her, I was captivated. The skirt responds and invites the angry, caged city winds; the fabric is soft enough to sinuously ripple with the wind and to crumple just enough. The lopsided cut makes for an eccentric silhouette that sets this Fashionista apart from her peers. Also, the flowing fabric is accomodating for long walks across campus. 

This Fashionista pairs down her less structured skirt with a thickly knit cream colored Urban Outfitters sweater. When wearing a thicker sweater, be sure to cuff the sleeves as this Fashionista does. While chunky knits can serve to balance and otherwise ethereal ensemble, long dragging sleeves will immediately make any outfit slumpy. Atop her sweater, this sartorial student drapes a bold mother of pearl necklace that she purchased in Spain. The necklace adds a multitude of visceral diversity to her look: the piles of pearls, which are eye catching alone, truly tie the outfit together. 

This Fashionista's other accessories, namely her winged Urban Outfitters earrings, further contribute to the airy feel of her outfit. These silver wings are perfectly pleasing: their design is interesting but not overbearing. This windswept look is brought back to earth by this stylish young woman's light tan leather Anthropologie boots. The boots, with their short heels, set her outfit on its rightful pedestal while yet anchoring it to the city streets. The black tights that peek from beneath the skirt and boots add a darker tone that prevents the look from appearing all too summery. 

If you're swept off of your feet by this Fashionista's look as I was, look to her for advice. Pair a penetrable, loose garment with a more substantial piece. Remind your peers of your individual flair by wearing unique jewelry. And most importantly, never forget to smile!

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