There is something about lace that is so appealing. When done correctly, the effect can be equal parts sweet and sexy. However beware of how you approach lace. At times it can either read a little too lingerie-inspired or on the other end of the spectrum entirely, like your grandmother’s bedspread. As always, balance is key and this Fashionista exemplifies this well.

This Fashionista starts with a white lace top. The cropped silhouette and long sleeves keep the lace modern and out of grandma territory. Her shirt is slightly sheer, but not overly so, which keeps it tasteful. The rest of her outfit compliments the lace top perfectly. She adds high-waisted shorts in army green and a simple leather belt. The brown of the belt is then picked up in her lace up combat boots. The combination of sweet lace and military details make this outfit enviable. It is both girly and cool.

For your own version of this outfit, add a girly top, like this white crochet one from NASTYGAL. And add a pair of high-waisted shorts with a cute pair of boots. For the same military and lace combination, try a pretty girl white lace dress paired with an army parka. This Topshop one with leather sleeves adds another textural element. The girly and tomboy combination can be seen on everyone from famous bloggers like Leandra Medine  to celebrity fashion icons Kate Bosworth. The unlikely combination proves that opposites attract. As always, balance is key!

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