STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Transcending Seasons

Now that we are almost into the last month of summer (sad, I know), it is time to start prepping for our fall wardrobes. Personally, my favorites pieces are usually garments that will transcend seasons, which is why I stopped this Fashionista. Although it was pretty hot on this day, she casually graced the streets in these awesome linen flares from Shopbob. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how ideal these pants are for the fall transition.

When looking for transitional items, the key is to look for something classic and simple. These pants, for example, are a statement piece on their own. You can pair them with a casual top and still create an eye-catching ensemble. The linen material will be perfect for a day when you’re just not feeling actual denim; you can always dress them up with wedges like this Fashionista.

Another important characteristic of transcending pieces are that they can be worn often. Don’t be afraid to wear an item too frequently; that shows it was a great purchase and it eventually becomes one of your signature looks. Other great items to be worn in summer and fall are jean jackets or any denim top for that matter. Monochromatic dresses and maxi skirts are also pieces that will still be hot this fall. Keep in mind that we will be seeing a lot golden, tangerine and rose hues this fall, and it is definitely not too soon to start introducing those to your wardrobe.

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