STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Transitional Denim

As of September 21st, it is officially fall. Here in Atlanta the humidity has finally died down, but the temperatures are still around 80 degrees. It is a hard transition time for us all. On one hand, we are begging to break out our boots, sweaters and jackets after reading all of the September issues cover to cover. On the other hand, it’s not quite chilly enough to actually put on that much clothing. Nonetheless as the leaves start to change, we want to ditch our summer duds. In these awkward in between months we have to add layers to winterize our looks. This Fashionista skirts this common issue flawlessly.

Let’s take a closer look. She starts with the quintessential summer staple: a romper! The print is vibrant and acts as the focal point to her outfit. Rompers are great and are as easy as dresses. However, you don’t ever have to worry about a gust of wind blowing up your skirt, bending over, or sitting with uncrossed legs. Try this one from Forever 21. This style classically made for children has exploded onto the scene as a staple for Fashionistas all over. This one keeps her footwear simple with a chic pair of white leather sandals but adds a great denim jacket. I don’t know about you, but my denim jacket was my go-to as a pre-teen. This one is the perfect medium blue and features a slightly oversized fit to balance her fitted romper. The combination of the neon floral print and plaid denim keeps her look grounded. Do you love her jacket as much as I do? Try this oversized pink one from Topshop or this distressed Acne one which has been spotted on Rihanna. Either way, this jacket will help transition your romper from summer to fall like this Fashionista.

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