Recently, there has been an abundance of Native American textiles among popular fashion websites and stores across the web. The same can be said for Fashionistas around campus at ASU. Traditional Native American tribal fabric generally features bright colors and graphic designs that follow a zigzag or chevron pattern. Living in a place that was once indigenous to many Native American tribes such as the Navajo, Mohave and Hopi, it’s easy to find authentic knit pieces and it's quite natural to wear them in a desert environment. I suggest adding a Native American inspired piece to your wardrobe to add some serious style to your everyday get-up.

This Fashionista is wearing a tribal knit open cardigan. Her cardigan features a more subdued color pattern than the traditional fabrics and the cut offers more of a modern take on this traditional item. She’s matched it with black skinny jeans, rugged half-tied mountain boots, a graphic T-shirt, Ray-Bans, a knit headband and a satchel. I really love the ease of the entire ensemble; everything goes together but isn’t contrived or pushed.

If you’d like to add some tribal wear to your collection of outwear, try this Hurley Pendleton Crop Jacket with a Navajo pattern and Sherpa lining. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and would look really rad with some leggings or skinny jeans. As mentioned previously, there are many trading posts on the outskirts of town that offer authentic Native American goods. I suggest taking a look there to find more traditional clothing and jewelry.

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