I have to admit, sometimes I want to wear my pussycat bow blouse to school but then I look in the mirror, and Oscar Wilde is staring back at me. And I don't mean in the Dandy Androgyne-chic kind of way, because that could be kind of doable. No, it can be challenging to pull off this look. Even the Queen of Pop struggles with it (and she seems to really be struggling with it). However, I've found a Fashionista who has thrown it together in a seemingly effortless way that is easy to imitate.

There's another struggle ahead though: February. Starting tomorrow, the days seem darker, midterms are pending and everyone is a general mid-winter slump. Envious outfits are more difficult to spot and people's sense of style seems to hibernate until the end of March. When you're feeling especially under the weather, it's not as hard as you would think to tie something together. I mean literally tie together. This look is sophisticated enough so that you can even pair it with basic leggings and be out the door. I think this is the perfect it's-friday-and-I-only-have-one-class-and-then-i'm-getting-back-into-bed outfit. Bows are girly and playful and make it seem like you're in a cheerful mood even when you're still wearing your makeup from the night before. They are always ladylike and a interview-staple, too.

I've been browsing Jason Wu's Resort 2011 collection and apparently he feels them as much as I do. You can find your own affordable one at if you're into vintage apparel or you can get it brand new at (this is just one of many).  

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