STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tribal Inspiration

Among the sea of Fashionista/os at FIDM, one will find a roaming pack of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, faux fur vests and possibly too tight of clothing. However, despite these fast trends among campus, with an open mind, one can find that each individual has their own sense of style. Last week while I was sitting outside in our bizarre 73 degree weather, I spotted this Fashionista talking on her phone. Her jacket immediately grabbed my attention: a funky knitted jacket with bright bold tribal prints.

This Fashionista is wearing Urban Outfitters latest line of jackets. Interestingly enough, she informed me that Urban Incorporated had stirred up quite the controversy with the Native American population with their latest “Navajo” collection. However, despite the issue, she absolutely rocked this jacket. Her color palette is a perfect combination for any fall outfit. She wears a pair of dark crimson jeans, a printed pink button-up and a great pair of riding boots. I loved how she tied her flimsy oxford shirt to add even more originality to her outfit. To complete her look, she threw on a knitted scarf and a black tote. 

Looking for a great tribal printed fall item? Though I may be bias because I work here, Anthropologie carries a great poncho. It looks fantastic on; it can easily be matched with a basic pair of skinny jeans and boots. Throwing on a longsleeve basic under a poncho like this will help complete the outfit. Stray away from bright, bold under layers to avoid taking away from the eccentric, printed poncho. 

Tribal prints come in all types of patterns, textures and colors. These prints can transform any outfit to bohemian chic or they can even make a polished, chic ensemble. If a poncho is too much for you, try more of a muted tribal printed top. It still adds a fun pop to the outfit, but it can be paired with other basics to make the print less intimidating. Either way you prefer, don’t be afraid to add a little tribal to your life!

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