Call it what you want – boho chic, ethereal, or even celestial – tribal prints are everywhere and instantly add uniqueness to an individual. It’s a great way to embrace summer and try something new. It’s easy to wear, and it spruces up a simple outfit. Tribal prints can be seen in many different forms, making them effortlessly versatile and original. Most recently, one can see it in swim and resort wear. Prior to this season, tribal prints were merely a way to add life to an ensemble; now, it has evolved into mature, glamourous attire. Though tribal prints are taking a different turn in the fashion world, they still can adhere to liveliness and spontaneity, clearly executed by this week’s Fashionista!

This week’s Fashionista sports a simple ensemble: a black skirt, black pea coat and black flats, but spices it up with a bright, stand out tribal print top. It’s a great way to add a “look at me” aspect to an outfit, without much thought. This Fashionista wears her bright, bold tribal top perfectly. She pairs it with all black, making her top stand out. To add even more life to her outfit, she wears a light turquoise snap clutch. It’s a wonderful way to accessorize an outfit, and it does a great job of complementing her colored top. Not to mention, a Fashionista needs a great bag to hold her belongings, so why not make it fun and colorful?

Digging this Fashionista’s look? Try this skirt, with a cream colored top. Add a unique ring and a simple cuff, and you have yourself a great outfit! Not into a bold skirt? Try this top, with a simple pair of shorts.  To finish off the outfit, add a little bag like this week's Fashionista did.  

With tribal prints, one can never go wrong. They are a great way to enjoy the summer weather, and spruce up one’s wardrobe. Tribal prints come in many different forms, so don’t be afraid to try something different!

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