Right when we all thought spring was around the corner, the weather takes a turn for the worst! With torrential downpours and chilly winds, we've all been bundling up to get to class and trying to stay warm while on campus. Though we're all still crossing our fingers for some good weather, until then I'm encouraging my fellow Fashionistas to stay warm in style. Tribal prints saw a unique comeback for spring 2012; here they were featured on The Walk, an online fashion blog. This specific post discusses the resurgence of tribal trends and the designers that are taking the lead in their popularity. 

This Fashionista caught my eve on a windy day on North Campus. I love her sweater and her incorporation of tribal trends into everyday casual style. She looks adorable in this oversized knit and makes the trendy sweater perfect for class by pairing it with a big white tee, black leggings and brown leather boots. This Fashionista's style is easygoing, effortless, warm (important!) and still super stylish.

An outfit such as this Fashionista's is super easy to replicate. Start with the basics: a pair of thick Madewell leggings such as these and a thick black James Perse tank top like this one. James Perse tanks and T-shirts are the best — worth the price tag! Take these two items that you'll wear all the time and throw on a pair of fringed leather Minnetonka boots. These boots add to the tribal theme and work perfectly with this REVERSE tribal sweater found on Singer22. Now you've got the tribal look to protect you against the cold days — keep hoping for spring!

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