Tribal fabric, known for its vibrant colors, unique patterns and interesting shapes, is one of spring 2012's most favorable trends. New York Fashion Week is certainly no stranger to the look, seen in the spring 2012 collection from Proenza Schouler. Their use of different animal prints, earth tones and also a lot of warm tropical colors add to the tribal theme.

If you want to accomplish an interesting and new look, go for tribal — this Fashionista has! The beauty about a more ethnic style is it allows you to experiment with different patterns, and with as many of those different patterns as you want. For this student, she dabbled with a pattern that repeated different rectangles horizontally and vertically on the skirt, with a shirt that repeated different animal prints. Both patterns worked together well because they shared a common movement and direction. Not only does the tribal look allow all sorts of patterns, but you can also mix and match as many colors as you would like — the more the better almost, because it brings excitement to the outfit. Again, she used a combination of bright, fun colors on the bottom with more earthy, neutral colors on the top. If you don’t want to overdo this look, pair up neutrals and bright colors together or small detailing with dramatic detailing. It will be just the right amount of variation.

The best part of wearing fabrics that have ethnic qualities to them is the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with it. There are so many options especially when it comes to colors, prints and patterns, so take advantage of this new freedom and test it out yourself!

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