Ok, so the pun was intentional. I meant the title to describe the length of her dress, however. This school–girl Fashionista has no dress code, so she can wear her plaid dress at any hem length she likes. She is also free to spice up the garment with some special details, setting it apart from the typical professional dress or uniform. 

The cutest part is obviously the elephant belt buckle in a classy, varnished and light-weight wood. It immediately takes the dress from sophisticated to sophisticated–yet–I–don’t–take–myself–too–seriously. The cut of the dress is ultra flattering, with gathers at the bust, a deep V-neck, and puffed sleeves to give an impression of strong shoulders. It’s the perfect combination of femininity and boldness. And a notable selling point is that it has pockets! That is such a rarity and yet such a convenience and comfort. Finally, the dress also offers its very own protection from the elements via a loose hood with a short brim. Whether it’s truly functional for that purpose is questionable, but it definitely looks great.  

This Fashionista’s accessories accentuate the unique details of the dress and yet allow it to be the focus. The small pendant necklace is perfectly parallel to the neckline, and the boots hit just below her knees–the most flattering height for the length of the dress. The tights blend in nicely with the color of the leather boots, keeping the line of her leg long. She wears the bracelets almost every day, making any outfit uniquely hers.

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