STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Try Some Earthy Elements

Wearing head to toe neutrals can oftentimes be too bland. Some choose to deviate from the average look and use a pop of color against their otherwise neutral ensemble. However, another way you can stray from wearing all neutrals is to combine earthy colors into your outfit. These colors include the ever popular army green, an amazing color to mix in with your golds, beige, blacks, and browns. 

Today's Fashionista is not only wearing these earthy hues, but a silk-cashmere scarf the pattern of one of the world's most beautiful creatures. Leopard print has always been my favorite ever since its emergence around 2006. Designers have been throwing it on almost anything- pairing it with colors such as royal blue and red. A leopard print pencil skirt looks great against a deep red tee and nude pumps. 

Another one of my favorite parts of our Fashionista's ensemble is the white-enamel and gold floral earrings. The best part is they're available at Forever 21 for under three dollars!

Remember, army green is pretty easy to wear. I have always considered it a semi-neutral because of its ability to mesh with other colors such as navy blue. And of course, as always, denim is most always a neutral when it comes to fabrics. If you're really feeling bold, you can try mixing a variety of neutrals with a few different brights, as seen in the Fendi Fall 2011 show. Keep your color palette in mind don't be afraid to mix it up. 

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