Tie dye is tricky. If worn the wrong way, it can look tacky. However, if worn the right way, it can be a truly chic print. I immediately took notice of this Fashionista because of the unique pattern of her dress. I like the colors of her tie dye dress because they do not immediately evoke the psychedelic seventies; it is tie dye done in a modern way. Also, I love that this Fashionista chose a simple silhouette as the canvas for this busy pattern. Though the pattern covers the entire dress, the cinched waist breaks the look apart and is figure flattering. In fact, this dress would look fabulous with a thin belt. This Fashionista keeps things simple with minimal accessories, though I love her metallic sandals. She shows us that it is okay to mix trends as long as it is done in a subtle way. Designer Matthew Williamson has been using tie dye in his collections for years, but now this trend is more accessible on a budget. Check out this cute dress from Gap! If you are really feeling adventurous, you can even make this a DIY look. Buy an inexpensive white dress and experiment with tie dye!

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