As September, possibly the most fickle month of all, comes to a close, the erratic weather persists. On a recent visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for my Art History class, I could not help but notice one of my fellow pupils. She seemed unnerved by the humid, hot-and-cold, sticky weather of late in her uncomplicated ensemble. 

This 18th Century French Art scholar –– dressed in a nude and airy Zara blouse, Forever 21 light wash cut-off jean shorts and black leather Zara boots –– dons an artfully assembled outfit. Avoiding the frivolity associated with Marie Antoinette and King Louis XIV, this Fashionista wears pieces that need little accentuation. Her blouse is moderately tailored with a measured amount of structure. Her shorts, an Indian Summer pull, are reminiscent of beachier times. In the urban oasis of NYC this stylish cutie reminds stoic passer-byers of a commonly forgotten carefree lifestyle. Her Ray Ban aviator shades are also moderately rustic. Her leather ankle booties, one of this season's hottest trends, are the perfect transition-wear staple. The black leather is winter appropriate, while the light wooden soles add a more summery touch. This ensemble is punctuated by her turquoise backpack by Baggu.

A backpack is a student's best friend and worst enemy all the same: the dual strap action alleviates searing shoulder pain associated with carrying a tote to class. However, cute backpacks are few and far between, and only those willing to spend hours hunting are lucky enough to chance upon aesthetically pleasing packs. Backpacks by Baggu are moderately cheap, and suitable for a CollegeFashionista's budget; I suggest perusing their website. Another trend that I have spotted on Barnard's campus is the Kanken backpack. Although these sacks are slightly pricier, they are equally as functional and a bit more militaristic than their Baggu counterparts. Both Baggu and Kanken, and certainly other retailers, offer bright hues that add an extra je ne sais quoi to any sartorialist's wardrobe.

So, as the semester truly kicks into high-gear and the papers and tests encroach, adapt this Fashionista's carefree style and go with the flow in simple, comfortable peices. Also, alleviate some physical stress and opt for a backpack! 

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