It can be hard to show off your spring wardrobe when the weather is so unpredictable. Lots of layers, tights, leggings, and leather boots keep us warm on those chilly days we insist on wearing that new printed dress. We've seen flannel button ups and leather jackets being used in place of a sweatshirt or the typical North Face. Last week's Fashionista sported a vintage denim jacket, a popular piece for this season, to keep warm. But what's the alternative to the ever popular jean trend or artsy plaid shirt? Today's Fashionista has our answer: boxy tweed jackets. 

This Fashionista, like many of us, couldn't help but wear a floral dress on a sunny April day. The only issue was that the temperature wasn't exactly agreeing with her springtime dress. To compensate for the chilly winds, she layered a white tee and dark olive green leggings to prevent goosebumps and add some modesty. The baby pink tweed jacket adds flavor to the soft silhouette. To mirror this look, search for tweed jackets in springy hues from places like J. Crew. Tweed looks great against dark denim as well for those more casual days. 

While we wait for the week to come when we can finally bare our shoulders for the sun to kiss, it's better to avoid catching the sniffles and throw on a tweed blazer. 

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