STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tweedilicious Blazer or Not?

One of the most iconic, timeless and flexible pieces of clothing that one could ever own in their wardrobe is, without a doubt, a nice blazer or maybe two of them. While some may have more than one blazer up their sleeve, others might not have any stored up. And one of the more iconic ones is no other than tweed blazers, made famous by none other than Coco Chanel. It is one type of blazer that would never ever go out of style. As you can see in Chanel, season after season, there will always be a tweed blazer in their collections. The only thing different in each season is the cut and silhouette of it. It might be shorter, longer, tighter or looser.

This Fashionista was spotted in Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne CBD’s favourite shopping street. She is wearing a cropped grey blazer, a snood, matched with cropped jeans, a simple long sleeve T-shirt and a pair of strapped nude heels. All of the clothing are sourced from China’s independent markets and stores with the exception of the shoes, which are from Novo (an Australian brand.)

As you see, the version of blazer she is wearing is a cropped blazer that stops right below the chest with a structured shoulder. It is simple at a glance but very tailored and sartorial in its silhouette — an essence of how a tweed blazer usually is. The good thing about a blazer like this is it can easily transition from day to eveningwear. You can match it like her for a day out shopping with your girlfriends, wear it to university and even match it with a cocktail dress or evening dress if the weather gets a little too chilled.

And for Fashionistas who works as an intern (maybe for a fashion magazine?) or a retail sales assistant, it can give an aura of professionalism without being too dry and bland like what a normal suit might exude. The trick to this myriad of looks is all about how you accessorize your look; you can wear more funky necklaces and earrings, a shoulder tote bag for a day out or a clutch and simple metal bracelets for an evening look. Also, wearing the right pair of heels would further complement the entire look.

If you think classic tweed is not your thing, you can easily get it in another fabric, like a lurex tweed blazer and also in different colours.

So, invest in a great blazer for a mixture of a thousand looks that transcends time and space. It is the best investment you can make as a student as you can wear it even when you head off to the working force.

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