While color has certainly become a vital part of this season's trends, I would like to dedicate this post to the classic black. Yes, black can symbolize an absence of life and light, but it is certainly still appropriate to wear all black for any occasion. Whether you want to get a glamorous, practical, elegant, powerful or modern look, black is the year round go to hue for wardrobes of Fashionistas all over the world. Not only is noir easy to integrate into your rotation, but it's also flattering on most any skin tone and most any body shape.

I caught this Fashionista on her way out of work and her completely monotone outfit speaks to her strong personality. Instead of drowning in a sea of black garb, she keeps her ensemble interesting with a mixture of lengths, layers and texture. By pairing a sharp blazer with a more flowy dress and by opting for a pair of black leather boots to wear outside her tights, the look is playful, while still retaining a degree of class and sophistication. The gold hardware on her bag, as well as the necklace, works well into the ensemble, without overwhelming it with too much extra adornment. Ultimately, she is able to achieve a look that shows off her wonderful sartorial sensibility.

Finding black pieces is probably one of the easier shopping tasks, but I would like to recommend a few that I believe will work especially well for these warmer months. This Daftbird button detail maxi dress from Shopbop would look great with cropped black leather jacket. Top the look off with a pair of oversized tortoise shell sunglasses and you will be ready for a day (or night) out on the town. For something a little less serious, this Gleaming the Cube babydoll dress by Evil Twin is the perfect piece for those of you who like it a little more flirty and playful. In short: while you should continue to take advantage of the beautiful summer whites and tropical colors, you can still elevate your black basics with interesting patterns, fabrics and proportions and you will achieve a look that is anything but bland and boring.  

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