I have yet to meet a fashion-loving woman who lacks the urge to be chic. I know that in my experience, even as a young girl, being considered chic was the highest degree of excellence in terms of personal style. When people think of something that is chic, they rarely imagine a look that is understated. Usually, when I think of the word, I imagine a woman wearing an outfit that is super innovative and fresh to the eye. In other words, chic to me has often been associated with an outfit that would not be considered typical or easily accessible. Never had I ever thought of an alternative to the word… until I caught a glimpse of this Fashionista.

I caught this Fashionista coming out of an interview one afternoon in Foggy Bottom. When I saw her outfit, I instantly knew that I loved it. The preppy blazer paired with edgy black patterned skinny jeans was instantaneous eye candy. Additionally, the cream silk blouse was perfectly accented with the necklaces that she was wearing. There were three words that popped into my head after carefully observing her outfit. This outfit was understated, fabulous and, most noticeably, chic.

The concept of being chic, as this Fashionista has proven, is not an impossible feat. Individually, I would not consider her pieces chic, though they are fashionable. However, when they are combined together, they’re undeniably amazing. There are two elements of this outfit that I am obsessed with. First, I noticed that this Fashionista is wearing two fairly simple necklaces. Alone, they would not be what I would consider statement necklaces. But together, they scream fashion and classiness. Who doesn’t love a statement like that? Second, I adore the edgy pants paired with the crisp cream blouse. The contrast of hard and soft is one of my favorite fashion trends. An outfit like this is very easy to achieve with the right pieces from your closet. I can’t wait to try it for myself! This Fashionista rocked her outfit, and probably her interview, too!

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